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  • Mark Mahoney

    The legend and industry icon behind the Shamrock Social Club on LA’s storied Sunset Strip.

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  • Dan Dringenberg

    Full of passion and heart, Dan Dringenberg is hands down one of the best tattoo machine builders in the industry. His machines are a work of art and his commitment is unparalleled.

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  • Timmy Tatts

    Tattooer, builder of machines, and collector of odd and unusual things, Timmy Tatts has drive that cannot be stopped once he sets his mind on something.

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  • Freddy Negrete

    Freddy Negrete was first exposed to tattooing in juvenile hall and other programs that housed troubled youth. From there he would help progress single needle style tattooing as we know it today.

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  • Ronnie Dell’Aquila

    Ronnie Dell’Aquila is part of the old religion of New York City tattooing. With over 40 years in tattooing, his legacy is one to be honored.

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  • Andrew The Kid

    It was a chain of serendipitous events that brought Andrew the Kid to where he is today. For the kid, it’s all about developing his own style, and right now, the sky’s the limit.

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  • Dave Hill

    Shown the way early on in his career by Jerry Reiger and Sailor Jerry Swallow, Dave Hill's roots run deep in tattoo tradition. Tattooing and building machines for 28 years, his machines are instruments of perfection.

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  • Doctor Woo

    You can find the young and talented Doctor Woo putting needle to skin on the Sunset strip in Los Angeles at the venerable Shamrock Social Club.

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