The foundry

Fellowship presents The Foundry, our collaborative efforts with artists and master craftsmen that both preserve and progress the trade of tattooing. Building from the collective wisdom of the industry's best, through collaboration we spawn innovation and aim to provide the finest tools available, designed for precision and efficiency.

Dringenberg Tattoo Company

Tattoo is a craft of tradition, one that is passed down through the generations, the magic of the mark celebrated on skin. The tattoo machines themselves are a part of this history for Dan Dringenberg of Dringenberg Co.

Dave Hill Tattoo Machines

Dave Hill is a veteran tattooer and machine craftsmen. First exposed to machine building by his early mentor, Jerry Riegger, Hill began making tattoo machines out of necessity, to make ones that performed the way he knew tattooers wanted them to.

Timmy Tatts Machines

In this Foundry piece Fellowship gets up close with Timmy Tatts at his Pennsylvania workspace, to see what goes into a Timmy Tatts machine.