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Intenze Ink - Ultimate Color Set - 1oz Bottles

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  • Ultimate Color Intenze Ink Set
  • Size: 1oz Bottles
  • Price Per 19 Bottle
  • Colors Included in the Set: (See List Below)

Set Products:

Reds: Bright Red, Dark Red, True Magenta, Light Magenta, Cherry Bomb, Fuchsia, Koolaid, Raspberry, American Rose, Red Cherry, Ruby Red

Pinks: Rose Pink, Carol's Pink, Lollipop, Sweet Candy, Pink Panther

Oranges: Creamsicle, Peach, Bright Orange, Sunburn, Tangerine, Papaya, Dark Salmon, Patty's Orange

Yellows: Lemon Yellow, Golden yellow, Banana Cream, Mustard, Golden Rod

Greens: Light Green, Dark Green, Seafoam Green, Hunter Green, Dragon Green, Grasshopper Green, Lime Green, Midnight Green, Will's Olive, Soldier Green

Blues: Mario's Blue, Mario's Light Blue, Bahama Blue, Baby Blue, Blue Sky, Aquamarine, Teal, Royal Blue, Tyler Blue, Dodger Blue, Persian Blue

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